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Opening Times

Monday: 10am-midnight
Tuesday: 10am-midnight
Wednesday: 10am-midnight
Thursday: 10am-midnight
Friday: 10am-midnight
Saturday: 10am-midnight
Sunday: 10am-midnight

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Hollywood Subiaco Bowling Club
42 Smyth Rd
Nedlands WA 6009

Phone: (08) 9381 8941
Mobile: 0438 189 425
Email: hello@hollywoodbowling.com.au

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there music facilities?2020-07-29T13:29:53+08:00

We encourage you to bring your own music; phones, iPods, or iPads work best but we do have Bluetooth devices available for you to connect to as well.

Can we have a bar tab?2020-07-29T12:45:19+08:00

Yes, but your final bill must be settled on the night.

Can we play bowls at night time?2020-07-29T12:36:38+08:00

Yes you can, when the sun goes down we turn on the lights which makes for an awesome atmosphere.

Event Terms and Conditions2022-12-14T10:43:09+08:00

When submitting our Event Agreement Form you understand that the form is a legally binding contract. Any cancellation of your event after submitting the form may result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed food and beverage packages and room hire. Any cancellation within 7 days of the event date may result in a cancellation fee of 100% of the agreed food and beverage packages and room hire.

The credit card you provide in our Event Agreement Form is for guarantee purposes only and we will only charge it in case of a breach of the cancellation policy (see above), damage to our property during your event, or in case of a walk-out without settling your bill. Your card will not get charged when submitting this form however you will see a $1 pre-authorisation to confirm your credit card is valid. This authorisation is not a charge and will disappear from your statement automatically.

You are required to pay all monies due either by card or cash as agreed with our Bar & Functions Manager. The credit card provided in our Event Agreement Form will not get charged unless you specifically ask us to do so – no one in our team has access to your full credit card details. For PCI compliance only the last four digits are transmitted to us.

Have you got a happy hour?2020-07-28T18:06:59+08:00

On Friday Nights we offer free bar snacks & pool, there are meat raffles, and we also pick the joker at 6.30pm. For more info message us via the Facebook messenger button in the bottom right corner of the screen, or visit our What’s On page.

The average price of our drinks is $6 so every hour at Hollywood Subiaco Bowling Club is a happy hour!

How can I book a bowling rink?2021-06-15T10:17:43+08:00

You can make bookings by calling Pedro on 0438 189 425.

How long does a game of bowls take?2021-06-15T10:21:38+08:00

How long is a piece of string? We normally say 2 hours for bowling but this entirely depends on how organised your group is.

If you all ready have teams organised (teams of 4 work best) it helps us and saves a lot of time for the instructor who will be looking after you. It works best if we can have the teams sent to us the day before as then we have time to work out a round robin/knock-out competition for you group.

If you’re more the relaxed type and just want a good out social muck-around game, just rock up and we will play it by ear.

You can make bookings by calling Pedro on 0438 189 425.

How many can play bowls?2021-06-15T10:19:47+08:00

Up to 8 players can play per rink so teams of 4 against each other works best however less works perfectly too. If you have more than 8 players you can book several rinks. We can have up to 56 players play at any given time if you book all 7 rinks. For larger groups round robin style competitions can be arranged.

You can make bookings by calling Pedro on 0438 189 425.

How much are your drinks?2020-07-29T12:43:10+08:00

Please find our full drinks menu below.

    • Sparkling Wines

    • Jacob's Creek Piccolo (200ml)


      South Australia

    • Jacob's Creek Reserve Pinot Noir / Chardonnay

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36

      South Australia

    • NUA Prosecco

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36


    • Yarra Burn Premium Cuvée



    • Rosé

    • La Vielle Ferme

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36


    • Deep Woods Harmony Rosé

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36

      Margaret River

    • Pirramimma Rosé


      Mclaren Vale

    • White Wines

    • Silversprings Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36

      Margaret River

    • Taku Sauvignon Blanc

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36

      New Zealand

    • West Cape Howe Pinot Grigio


      Mount Barker

    • West Cape Howe Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc


      Mount Barker

    • Wignall's Chardonnay



    • Red Wines

    • Pirramimma Stocks Hill Cabernet / Merlot

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36

      Mclaren Vale

    • Pirramimma Cabernet Sauvignon

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36

      Mclaren Vale

    • Pirramimma Shiraz

      GLS 8.5
      BTL 36

      Mclaren Vale

    • Pirramimma Grenache


      Mclaren Vale

    • Pirramimma GSM


      Mclaren Vale

    • La Vielle Ferme Côte du Ventoux Rouge



    • Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz



    • Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Sauvignon



    • Tap Beers

      From $3.50 per middy.

    • Weihenstephan

    • Bulmers Original

    • Carlton Draught

    • Carlton Dry

    • Carlton Midstrength

    • Cascade Premium Light

    • Fat Yak

    • Guinness

    • Stubbies

      From $6.

    • Carlton Black

    • Coopers Pale Ale

    • Coopers Sparkling

    • Corona

    • Grolsch

    • Guinness

    • Hahn 3.5

    • James Squire Apple Crush Cider

    • Little Creatures Pale Ale

    • Little Creatures Rogers

    • Millers Draught

    • Spirits

      From $6.

    • RTDs

    • House Spirits

    • Liqueurs

    • Soft Drinks

      From $2.50.

    • Sodas

    • Still & Sparkling Water

How much is a membership?2021-06-15T10:24:19+08:00

Membership Types

All members have access to the Club to enjoy time & good company at the bar or in the lounge. Social members can enjoy casual use of the greens for a game of bowls or croquet.

Social Membership: $15
Social + Croquet Membership: $50
Ladies’ Competition Bowling Membership: $170
Men’s Competition Bowling Membership: $200
Competition Bowler Membership include complimentary Social Membership for partner and free bowling rink bookings for the whole year (subject to availability) as well as pennants.

Gardening Plot Memberships

Available at $75 a year per plot as an add-on when purchasing your Membership.

You can now sign up to become a member or renew your membership online – click here!

You can make bookings by calling Pedro on 0438 189 425.

What happens if it rains?2020-07-29T12:35:55+08:00

Unfortunately, rainy weather doesn’t make for a good time, but you are more than welcome to use the pool and table tennis areas, darts, giant Jenga, Connect4, and our fully stocked bar.

What shall I wear to the bowls?2020-07-29T12:34:03+08:00

When playing bowls flat sole shoes or thongs are required. Alternatively, you can (and many do) bowl barefoot.

What time does the bar shut?2020-07-29T12:38:50+08:00

We have a 1am license Monday – Saturday & 10pm licence on Sunday however we usually close at midnight with last drinks being called 30mins before closing. If you wish to enquire about staying later please contact our Bar & Functions Manager here.

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