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The Hollywood Learners Club

In 2021 the Hollywood-Subiaco Bowling Club (HSBC) committee approved the formation of a new ‘club within the club’, which – for the time being – we are calling ‘The Hollywood Learners’.

Hollywood Learners events are held monthly, taught/led by someone with expertise and enthusiasm, and run for an hour. Learners are encouraged to be active participants in each event and advised as to where/how they could pursue that activity/topic further.

There is no joining fee for Hollywood bowling and social members – only a small charge of $5 or $10 for each event. Non-members are very welcome and, in time, encouraged to become social members.

All the topics/activities are based on members’ expressed interests. Most events are held at the bowling club (42 Smyth Rd); a few are located elsewhere within Nedlands-Subiaco (e.g. the Hollywood Nature Reserve) or at a learning institution in Perth (e.g. WA Art Gallery).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of learning can we expect from The Hollywood Learners Club?2022-03-28T15:33:19+08:00
The learning can best be described as practical and mildly intellectual – either skill learning such as: how to cook healthy, nutritious food, undertake vital legal arrangements, enjoy local nature, exercise at home, dance on a chair, garden anywhere; or knowledge learning such as: what do ‘country’ and ‘song lines’ mean for Aboriginal people, why I am losing my memory and what I can do about it, the value of philosophy in everyday life, the wonder of WA art.
Who can join The Hollywood Learners Club?2022-03-28T15:36:19+08:00
Any current members of HSBC and all guests who are keen to learn stuff; there’s no age limit.

For further information and the next dates, contact John Hall (Convenor) at writingdoctor@iinet.net.au.

Opening Times

Monday: 10am-midnight
Tuesday: 10am-midnight
Wednesday: 10am-midnight
Thursday: 10am-midnight
Friday: 10am-midnight
Saturday: 10am-midnight
Sunday: 10am-midnight

Contact Info

Hollywood Subiaco Bowling Club
42 Smyth Rd
Nedlands WA 6009

Phone: (08) 9381 8941
Mobile: 0438 189 425
Email: hello@hollywoodbowling.com.au

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