Jack Attack

  • Jack Attack the new 20/20 version of social bowls
  • Starts Friday 21st April
  • ​$ 15 per Team per week
  • ​2 bowl Triples
  • No limit on the number of team members
  • Starts 6.00pm for 6.30 and should be finished by around 7.30pm
  • Meals available before, during and after see menu below
  • ​Weekly bar voucher prizesprize for the winning team each week
  • ​Overall wiiner prize

The season will run for 5 weeks starting on  Friday 21st  April


Below are the guidelines of how Jack Attack is played: 

  • Two bowl triples (with teams able to be registed for more players to accommodate for absentees and/or busy working lives).
  • Substitutions permitted.
  • Two sets of five ends with a sudden death tie-breaker if needed.
  • Approximately 60-75 minutes in duration for a match.
  • The season to be six to eight weeks in length.

More info can be obtained on the JA website


Although we are playing triples you can have four or five in your team and swap people in and out at will.

Want to have a try going second or third no problems, step in for an end or two and see how you go.

Want to let the kids have a go but concerned they may not want to be involved for the whole game . They can play for as long or short as they like.

The new format is also quicker an hour or so and then you can head off home or stick around and have a drink with friends and a bite to eat

Below is a photo of last years winners of Naked Bowls, the team from Wandoo 

lotterywest grant

Basket of Chips               $ 5.00

Spicy Chicken Wings.       $ 9.00

Pizzas                             $ 9.00

The Club Singles are expected to be played over the weekend of April 8th and 9th.

Sheets should be up on the board in the next few weeks

Jack Attack Menu

visit by australian reps

Men’s Club Pairs 2017

The Club Pairs final was played recently in mild conditions and a fast green; Wally Graham and Ron Middleton won the right to play relative new comer Phil Lawler and the experienced Tony Byrne in the Final; Phil and Tony had snuck out to five shots when Wally and Ron scored to even the score; from there on it was any ones game with the lead changing often throughout the game; they even shared the score on four separate occasions; with the game still up for grabs Phil and Tony picked up four shots on the final ends to win by that margin from very worthy opponents Wally and Ron.


This week in the
subiaco post 

We were honoured to have some of our Australian Commonwealth Games representatives call in at the club for a friendly roll up and a bite to eat. Kelvin Kerkow in the picture.

Men’s Club Singles 2017

Hollywood Subiaco Bowling Club


March 20th 2017

On Tuesday the Ladies played final against Perth & Tatts; Jenni Lush, Deirdre Duncan, Usha Nigam and Margaret Gawler lead all the way till the scores leveled on the 19th end; Perth & Tatts scored a 2 on the 20th then Hollywood picked up a 3 on the last to win 18/17; Anne Ormsby, Nada Bonny, Dot Leeson and Betsy Tapley got to the front by the third end; from there it was just a stroll in the park as they went on to win 34/6; on Wednesday the Ladies played Dalkeith Nedlands at Osborne Park in what was deemed a " Challenge" round; Jenni Lush, Deirdre Duncan, Usha Nigam and Margaret Gawler played a blinder finishing on 30/8; Margaret McHugh, Anne Ormsby, Nada Bonny and Betsy Tapley hit the front by the 8th end; Dalkeith leveled the score by the 15th; both sides scored 3 shots each over the remaining 6 ends to end up 17/17.

It was an opportunity lost for 2nd div in Thursday pennants; Phil Lawler, Graeme Gerrans, Greg Bridges and Glen Morey had a 3 shot lead at half time; then fritted it away in the second half to end the game 16/20; Rob Blythe, Bill Ford, John Hall and Mike Hatch were caught in a rip and battling to stay afloat; they eventually donned their water wings and fought back to be all square with one end to play; then dropped a single to end up 16/17; Laurie Ward, Charlie, Ron Middleton and Vern Jones persistence paid off when they evened the score on the 11th end; from there they slowly nudged ahead to hold a 4 shot lead and the aggregate with 2 ends to play; but it was Mt Pleasant that scored to take the aggregate at 19/17.

Both divs came home from their game badly wounded; because 3rd lost the Derby at Dalkeith Nedlands they changed ladder positions; they are now in 5th place just 1 ½ points behind Dalkeith; after Laurie Ward, Graeme Gerrans, Tony Byrne and Danny Byrne won the first end they were well and truly put to the sword; a late rally improved the score but the game ended on 15/29; David Beswick, Dave Byrne, John Hall and Glen Morey had their moments; but were mostly outplayed ending up on 19/28; Rod Hickling, Wally Graham, Ron Middleton and Vern Jones had the close game; seven times the score was leveled including the second last end; a two to the Jones team ended the game on 17/15; Ray Fells, Bill Ford, Robbie Appleton and Mike Hatch poached a small lead on the 3rd end; then Dalkeith leveled the score on the 8th before Hollywood scored a four; they held this small margin to end at 20/17.
In 6th div; John Duncan, Bill Chellew, Alan Brindley and Ray Preston made a promising start to be in front on the 6th end; whatever distraction North Beach put before them it worked; as they only scored six more shots to end up 11/24; Max Hipkins, Jim West, Ron Wilkie and Peter Evans were being made to earn their keep; they leveled the score on the 15th picked up a four on the next end and with a slight tail breeze sailed to the line on 23/18.

Midweek pennants finished on Thursday and tomorrow is the last Saturday home and away game.

Have you been to a Hollywood Sundowner? It is on again this Sunday; you can find out more by going onto the Hollywood Bowling Club Facebook.